All about Powerflushing!

Powerflushing? What is it?

Here are some simple facts about powerflushing and why it is beneficial to the longevity of your central heating system.

Powerflushing is the movement of water through the system at a greater velocity than a central heating pump, and in conjuction with cleaning chemicals it has the capability to remove deposits built up over years of usage.

Bar replacing all the components (radiators, pipe work, etc) of a central heating system it is the only effective way to remove debris from the system.

Discharging the contaminated water to drain and renewing with clean water ensures the water quality within the system.

Post flushing the radiators and pipe work the system water the total disolved solids within the sytsem should be within 10% of the measurement  from the mains water. At this point the cleansed system is then ready for protection with a corrosion inhibitor.

In the absence of this process no guarantees can be given as to the life or efficiency of a central heating system. 


Cleanser - if a central heating system is not sufficiently cleansed it can begin the corrosion process from day one - even on entirely new systems! Some active fluxes used during installation can accelerate the process further and cause pin holing within weeks.

If introducing a new boiler to an existing system cleansing should considered paramount. By removing as much existing Magnetite and debris as possible it will ensure the maximum efficiency from the new boiler. Failure to do so could result in inefficient performance and lower the SEDBUK rating of the boiler with the worst possible case being a void boiler manufacturers warranty. 

Inhibitor - this should be added to minimise corrosion of the system metals and to inhibit the formation of scale and sludge. It will also inhibit the growth of microbiological organisms, protect against corrosion, scale, boiler noise and hydrogen gassing in all types of indirect heating systems.

Inhibitor and its given benefits will also help to maintain the energy efficiency of the system.

Environmental impact - needless to say that in this day and age all the water treatment chemicals we utilise are harmless to the environment, completely non-toxic and biodegradable.

Your just saying powerflushing is great to make money!

Not so! Referencing Building Regulations - Part L it refers to the Domestic Heating Compliance Guide. This states that the minimum provision in new and existing dwellings is:

  1. Thorough cleaning and flushing out before installing a new boiler
  2. During final fill add the corrosion and scale formulation (Corrosion Inhibitor).
  3. Follow guidance given in BS 7593:2006
  4. Refer to boiler manufacturers instructions for appropriate treatment
  5. Where hardness > 200ppm, treat feed water to water heaters and hot water circuit of combi to reduce limescale accumulation

The best method to achieve this is POWERFLUSHING!


The Results of Powerflushing

1. A quieter boiler results from the removal of lime scale build up on the heat exchanger.

2. Hotter radiators and a quicker warm up from the removal of Black Sludge "Magnetite" cold spots.

3. A longer lasting system, pumps will last longer and radiators will have an extended life if there is no corrosion present and suitable corrosion inhibitors are used.

4. Lower fuel usage due to a more efficient system, costs more to heat solid magnetite than it does water! Estimated that up to 25% saving can be made.

5. Helps to comply with The Benchmark Code of Practice when installing new boilers on old or new installations.

6. A safer environment when under taking system cleaning, self contained unit, no taking radiators of the wall and struggling not to get black sludge on carpets etc.

The correct method of cleaning and inhibiting various types of Central Heating Systems using a powerflushing system will ensure satisfaction to the end user and installer.

By having your system Powerflushed by a qualified operator will give peace of mind for years to come.

Powerflushing will not cause leaks or pin holing! If this occurs during flushing it will be due to the removal of debris from an infected area - a disaster waiting to happen if your installer was not present!

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